MI50 Mission Statement
Our mission is to unite all Muskie fishing interests for the promotion and protection of a high quality Muskellunge sport fishery in Eastern PA and Southern and Central NJ. We are committed to the abatement of water pollution;, maintenance of records for Muskies’ habits,growth and range;, and the dissemination of Muskie information to those who require it in furtherance of our goals. We seek to accomplish this by the following actions:

• Share Muskie information freely between the members of Chapter 50 and the states of PA and NJ

• Assist the States and other like-minded Conservation Organizations in projects that will be beneficial to our fishery (ie: habitat improvement, float stocking, and supplemental stocking, etc.)

• Provide equipment and supplies, including feeder fish, to the State fisheries departments as needed

• Sponsor Educational initiatives including Catch & Release posters, Fishing Derbys, Seminars and more Most importantly, we want to enjoy fishing with our friends and family, and leave our children a better fishery than the one we inherited.


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