MI50 Mission Statement
Our mission is to unite all Muskie fishing interests under the following three pillars, Fisheries Science, Youth Education and Environmental Conservation. We strive for the promotion and protection of Muskellunge in Eastern PA and Southern and Central NJ. We are committed to the abatement of water pollution;, maintenance of records for Muskies’ habits, growth and range;, and the dissemination of Muskie information to those who require it in furtherance of our goals. We seek to accomplish this by the following actions:

• Share Muskie information freely between the members of Chapter 50 and the states of PA and NJ

• Assist the States of PA, NJ and other like-minded Conservation Organizations in projects that will be beneficial to our fisheries (ie: habitat improvement/Lake Clean Up, youth education/Kid’s Fishing day, float stocking w/ PFBC, and supplemental stocking to maintain healthy populations.)

• Provide equipment and supplies, including feeder fish, to the State fisheries departments as needed/ donate funds to Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for purchase of minnows for raising fish.

• Sponsor Educational initiatives including Catch & Release posters, Kid’s Fishing Derbys, Educational Seminars and more most importantly, helping provide an environment for all to enjoy fishing with friends and family, and leave our children a better fishery than the one we inherited.


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