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Welcome to the Penn Jersey Chapter 50 site. We’re a local chapter of MUSKIES Inc. which is the largest conservation organization in the world dedicated to the preservation of Muskellunge through Fisheries Science, Youth Education and Conservation.

Whether you have accidently caught a Muskie, seen them follow your lure or are already targeting them exclusively, MI50 is the perfect chapter to gain local experience from our seasoned members. We’re always looking for new individuals to join our chapter and assist us in our mission statement.

•   Fisheries Science – Assisting the PFBC with trap netting, sampling and release of fish populations studies within our regions. Working in conjunction with PFBC monitoring catches and stocking efforts
•   Youth Education – Kid’s fishing day featuring PFBC officers help us teach and show the kids about our fisheries a have good time fishing. Includes donated hotdogs, chips and beverages for lunch.
•   Conservation – Each year MI50 organizes lake clean up details, maintenance and habitat projects in support to our local parks.
•   Musky School – Each year we take 10-15 new anglers out for a day on the water teaching them how to fish and hopefully catching a musky!
•   Monthly Meetings – wide variety of topics being discussed and shared which includes updates from our Co-Op stocking programs, PFBC stocking updates, chapter events, etc. This is a great way to meet our members and we encourage you to bring your questions you may have about the proper techniques of Muskie fishing. Lastly we have a Muskie Lure raffle after each meeting so it’s a great way to check out some cool hard to find baits and hopefully add a few to your collection.
•   Chapter Tournaments – We typically hold two chapter tournaments each year, spring and fall. We pride ourselves in fishing our local waters that have turned into excellent Muskie fisheries thanks to our stocking efforts.
•   MUSKIE Magazine – Your membership includes a 1 year (6 issues) magazine subscription.
•   Chapter Events– We offer several chapter events throughout the year
•   MI50 Message Board – As a member you get exclusive access to our “Privileged” section of our message board.
•   Stocking Muskie – Probably one of the most rewarding benefits of this chapter is stocking Muskie in our local PA waters. We’re in the process of building a world class Muskie fishery for generations to enjoy.
•   And there are more benefits…

If you would like more information or are interested in joining our Penn Jersey Chapter, please use the mail icon in the lower right corner.

Even if you’re not interested in joining at this time, we offer a Muskie School each year which is a great way to shorten the learning curve.

Information regarding our monthly meetings, times and location can be found here on our main page

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Mike DiGuiseppe
President MI Chapter 50


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